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3 Low Maintenance Yard Ideas

When looking for a way to upgrade your yard, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and beautiful options are key! Southern California is known to have an excellent climate year-round, which means we are lucky enough to have access to the best plant material. Adding beautiful, low-maintenance plants like succulents and cacti that thrive here will save you money and allow you to enjoy your yard more than maintain it!

Cacti and succulents are amazing to incorporate into your garden design because they are drought-tolerant plants able to handle intense sun exposure and heat. Using plants that can withstand the local weather and thrive in your area means your yard will be low-maintenance and user-friendly!

Here are a few ideas to get you inspired for your yard project:

1. The Coastal Garden

First, a low-maintenance garden means the lawn has to go! Bye bye constant watering, and hello, beautiful plants!

Instead of opting for a more traditional lawn, we filled this coastal front yard with a monochrome plant palette of various agaves, succulents, and grasses, focusing on texture and movement. Flowering orchid trees add height and pops of color as the seasons change, and the cobble retaining wall provides a much-needed elevation change.

When opting for a more budget-friendly project, you do not want to just focus on the initial cost of plants. You will also want to look at the long-term costs associated with your investment. Time spent tending to your garden, the water bill, and the average plant lifespan are things to consider when planning your low-maintenance garden design.

2. The Cactus Garden

There's nothing more low maintenance than a cactus garden! Cacti are water-wise plants that not only look beautiful but also can reduce stress and adapt efficiently year-round. And with a wealth of options to choose from, from the many shapes to every hue of the rainbow, we can create a cacti garden truly unique to you.

We added an eclectic mix of succulents and cacti to this design. We also opted for a neutral, long-lasting rock finish material that lets the plants shine. The flagstone pathway and seating area draw guests into the garden. A garden like this will keep your guests begging for more.

3. The Modern Garden

Leucadia Local Project

This Modern Garden needs minimal water and has maximum style. This xeriscape landscape features low-water plants with a twist. These landscapes require little to no irrigation, making them virtually maintenance-free. A garden design that saves you time allows you the freedom to enjoy the outdoors while still increasing your home value.

We also added a curved pathway with a modern corten steel edging for this design, which looks stunning day and night.

We love the challenge of creating fresh designs to meet clients' needs and styles. We want your yard to feel like YOU.

Send us a message to get started on your back or front yard oasis today!


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