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4 'No Grass' Yard Ideas

When it's time to say bye, bye to grass...

There are so many alternatives to the basic front yard lawn! After years of hearing clients complain about high maintenance, water thirsty grass, we've learned which options will make you wonder why you waited so long to ditch your lawn!

Here are four alternatives to the front yard lawn.

No. 1: Turf

Although we love to keep things natural, artificial turf is a great option for those who are hesitant to ditching the green completely. This isn't your grandma's acid green astro turf either. There are plenty of options on the market now that are very realistic, soft to the touch and pet and kid friendly.

Fresh turf at our Plant Hugs project.

No. 2: Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite, or DG for short, is great for modern landscapes like our Oside Modern project. We add a stabilizer so the DG stays put and doesn't blow away with maintenance. DG comes in an array of colors from warm to cool. Warm tone DGs are great for desertscapes but we love the way the green plant material pops off the pewter gray DG at this modern front yard garden.

Pewter gray DG at our O'side Modern project.

No. 3: Dry Stream Beds

We love creating dry stream beds! The mix of different elements from the boulders, to the cobble, to the interesting plant material make for a dynamic garden that oozes curb appeal. The mounding gives something that a flat lawn area lacks. Every corner of this garden has a special element to it and looks great from all angles.

Palo Verde tree in full bloom at our Río Sueño project.

No. 4: Gravel

A little secret...gravel is affordable and low maintenance! Choosing the right gravel is easy because there are so many options at relatively low price points. We use this versatile material as finish material in planter beds, in-between flagstone pathways and even in-between concrete in modern driveways.

Another added bonus?..gravel doesn't gray out and have to be replaced like other natural materials like mulch. Beautiful, affordable and, win, win!

Gravel garden at our Barolo Project.

There you have it! Four no-grass yard ideas for your front yard garden. Which would you choose?


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