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Don't skip this stone! Why boulders are quickly becoming our favorite accent in landscapes.

It's no secret that we LOVE adding boulders to our landscapes. Large boulder accents are a great way to break up planter beds and to add another element of interest in a natural way. Bonus, they come in all colors, shapes and sizes so you can find a perfect match for your landscape style!

Dry stream bed in a waterwise, drought tolerant residential landscape.

We love using boulders in dry stream beds. We chose a smooth style called 'Sunrise' at our On the River Bonsall project.

So many styles, colors, and price points! Boulders are an affordable way to incorporate natural stone into a landscape. We installed our favorite budget-friendly option, Honey Quartz, at our Moonstone Bay project.

Boulders even look great in the tiniest planter beds. The secret is to know your scale. One well-placed boulder was all we needed here at our Easy Living project.

Boulders can be a perfect complement to plant material. Perfect planting gives the boulders that "always been there" look like at our Koi Pond Queen Project. How pretty are those echeveria? The tones in those 'Palm Springs Gold' boulders are a lovely complement to the purple shades in the succulents.

Choosing the perfect style and price option is one thing, but installing the boulders correctly is what really makes this product shine in a landscape. We always 'plant' boulders a few inches below the grade for a more natural look. The goal is to mimic nature.


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