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Four Gorgeous Statement Trees (for a Waterwise Garden)

We’ve transformed hundreds of yards over the years. Through that, we’ve learned that a well-chosen statement tree can really make your yard unforgettable. From creating height or added color for your garden, to growing a rich canopy for shade, they provide several benefits to your overall landscape design.

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together a list of four gorgeous statement trees we love using in our landscape designs. Take a look at the following and you’ll see why:

1. Dracaena Draco (AKA Dragon Tree)

With its unique umbrella-like shape, the dragon tree commands a stunning curb appeal. A dragon tree’s foliage is soft to the touch and has beautiful movement. It’s also a slow-growing tree, so installing it close to any entryway is no problem. In fact, it can take a decade before a dragon tree reaches maturity!

As a bonus, this drought-tolerant tree requires very little water, making it a low-maintenance choice for water-wise gardeners.

Dragon tree at our front yard Plant Hugs project
Dragon tree at our Plant Hugs project

2. Aloe Medusa

The aloe “Medusa” tree is perfect for modern gardens. This gorgeous tree can be trimmed lollipop style or left to grow in free form. From fall to winter, this tree blooms beautiful orange buds. We love using them in our more modern or arid landscapes as they also require minimal watering.

The aloe medusa gives height without taking up too much space, and their beautiful leaves make for an excellent conversation piece the next time you want to impress your guests.

Aloe Medusa at our O'side Modern front yard project
Aloe Medusa at our O'side Modern project

3. Olive Tree

Olives trees are popular for a reason. They add a gorgeous flair to any garden design and they’re also extremely tough as these trees can survive just about any inclement weather thrown their way.

We often use the traditional olive tree’s cousin, Wilsonii Olive, in smaller applications. But when we’re looking for a statement, we crane in big, beautiful, bare root olive trees. This gives instant curb appeal!

A bare root olive tree instantly makes a garden feel established with its dramatic beauty. These trees have a wide canopy for shade, and they’re tolerant of drought conditions, fires, and disease. While they require little water, these fruiting specimens do require a bit more maintenance.

Olive tree at our Tacos and Trees project
Olive tree at our Tacos and Trees project

4. Palo Verde Tree

If you crave a pop of color in your landscape design, a Palo Verde tree might be the perfect pick for you. We recently began using these in our landscapes and wow! What a stunner they are!

The Palo Verde explodes with dazzling yellow blooms in the springtime and thrives best in hot temperatures. Because of this, they don’t do as well in the coastal areas as it doesn't stay quite warm enough for them. We tend to save these beauties for projects in East County with hotter temps that won’t inch toward freezing.

Palo Verde tree at our Río Sueño project
Palo Verde tree at our Río Sueño project

Going Out on a Limb with Statement Trees

Making a garden feel established can easily be done with the right statement tree. They help create a lush atmosphere and invite a calm familiarity to any landscape design space.

If you’re looking for modern curb appeal that’s an instant conversation starter, these four statement trees are excellent choices. Don’t feel stumped by choice anymore. Any of these statement trees will surely leave an impression on your landscape design.

Which of these trees most appeals to you? Let us know in the comments or contact us for additional info on how to get one of these picturesque trees in your yard today!


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