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Revolutionize Your Yard Skills with These 3 Must-Have Tools

After almost 20 years in the landscaping profession, these tools are what I grab on the daily. But don’t think you have to be a professional landscaper to start your own garden tool arsenal. The good news is that with just three must-have tools, you can revolutionize your yard skills and make your gardening routine efficient and effective. Sometimes the simplest things can make your life easier.

Are you ready to take your yard game to the next level?

1. Sharp Pruners for Efficient Trimming

Pruning is an important task that helps keep your plants healthy and encourages new growth. But using dull or ineffective pruners can make the task frustrating and time-consuming. With a good pair of sharp pruners, you can efficiently trim and shape your plants with ease.

Look for pruners with high-quality blades that can easily cut through thick stems and branches. A good option is bypass pruners, which have a curved blade that slices cleanly through the stem, leaving a clean cut that heals quickly. You should also look for pruners with a comfortable grip, as you'll be using them for extended periods of time.

My go-to are the Swiss made Felco pruners. They are sharp, feel great in the hand and are built to last. They come in different sizes. F4 is great for smaller hands and light work but the boys and I use F8s and F10s daily.

2. A Hose Attachment for Effortless Watering

Keeping your yard healthy and vibrant requires consistent watering, but it can be a challenge to get the right amount of water to each plant without damaging foliage. Enter the Dramm water breaker hose attachment – a must-have tool for any serious gardener. With a special 400 hole nozzle designed by a nurseryman, you get a gentle full flow. Which means you can put out a lot of water fast and it doesn't beat up your plants. Watering is done quickly and efficiently.

Not only does a water breaker hose attachment make watering easier, but it can also save you money on replacements. Unlike the plastic competitors, it's made of durable aluminum, making it light in the hand and long-lasting.

My DMs blew up when I posted a story on Instagram using the Dramm. See our Reel here.

3. Multi-Use Sickle for all your Yard Care Needs

When it comes to yard care, having a multi-use sickle in your tool collection can be a game-changer. This versatile tool can be used for a variety of tasks, from weeding and pruning to harvesting and shaping shrubs and bushes. Its sharp, curved blade allows for precise cuts, while its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

One of the biggest advantages of a multi-use sickle is its ability to tackle a wide range of yard care needs with just one tool. Say goodbye to the cluttered tool shed filled with dozens of different tools for different tasks. With a multi-use sickle, you can simplify your yard work and save time and money.

See how we use our favorite sickle here!

Boost Your Garden's Growth with These Essential Tools

Investing in the right tools can make all the difference when it comes to caring for your yard. By incorporating a multi-use sickle into your arsenal alongside sharp pruners and a water breaker hose nozzle, you'll be well-equipped to handle a range of gardening tasks with ease. To see our full list of favorite yard tools check out our Amazon page.*

As you step up your yard game, remember that the right tools make all the difference. So, get out there, get dirty, and enjoy the satisfying fruits of your labor.

*We receive a small commission if you purchase through our page...that means more burrito runs for the crew! Many thanks!


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