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The Casa Project Part 4: The Secret to a Standout Front Yard? It Starts with the Walkway

For homeowners looking to update their yard, the front walkway is a crucial element that should not be overlooked. As I've learned through my recent projects, the walkway serves multiple purposes - it welcomes you and your guests, updates the overall look of your yard, and ensures a smooth flow throughout the space.

Check out the before and after pics below to see the incredible makeover of our front walkway. The previous concrete path was a bit blah, narrow, and tucked away behind the driveway, leaving our guests to navigate through crunchy grass.We knew we needed a change to give our guests a warmer welcome.

Can you believe the before!?

Modern front yard concrete walkway of a white coastal home with cedar fence and grasses

Choosing the Right Material for Your Walkway

With a multitude of options for pathway materials, it can be overwhelming to decide. See our blog post here for some of our favorite affordable walkway options.

For our own yard project, we fell in love with the modern look of concrete top cast steppers. Their sleek finish instantly elevated our space, giving it a contemporary edge. Plus, they're incredibly durable and easy to maintain. We also appreciated how smoothly they transitioned from the sidewalk to the walkway, making every step a breeze.

Modern front yard concrete walkway of a white coastal home with cedar fence, succulents and grasses

Ensuring Flow & Functionality

A successful yard design goes beyond aesthetics. We widened the path and extended it all the way to the sidewalk, creating a direct path to our front door (no more walking through crunchy, old grass). Wider steps were also designed to meet the new driveway, making it easier to access the walkway from the car. This genius design feature truly improved the functionality of our yard.

Modern front yard entryway deck of a white coastal home with cedar fence and dark blue front door

And let's not forget the charming deck transition that adds that perfect coastal vibe. We love mixing materials in our landscape designs, and incorporating a deck was no exception. Not only did it provide inviting warm tones and a welcoming spot for guests to step onto, but it also facilitated a smooth transition in our gently sloping yard. It's the best of both worlds – visually appealing and practical, too! Win, win!

Speaking of practicality, let's talk about the side entrance – a must-have feature for our corner lot setup. We couldn't overlook the importance of creating easy access from the side of the house, especially with our frequent comings and goings. Plus, it's a game-changer for our guests, providing a convenient entry point that's not just functional but also enhances the overall flow of our outdoor space. Whether it's bringing in surfboards to our side yard shed (more on that in a future post) or bringing in groceries, having this well-placed side entrance has truly streamlined our daily routines and elevated the functionality of our yard.

Modern front yard concrete stair side entrance of a white coastal home with cedar fence and grasses

Creating a Welcoming Entryway

To truly make your walkway stand out, it's essential to consider the details. We chose to plant Lomandra grasses for a casual, soft look that ties in with our coastal theme. Low maintenance agave celsii add interest and structure to our pocket planters and side entrance steps. For lighting, a sleek black pathway light was chosen to maintain a minimal and modern aesthetic.

These personal touches not only enhance the overall look of your walkway but also make your home feel inviting. With the right walkway, your front yard can truly become a standout feature of your home.

Modern front yard concrete walkway of a white coastal home with cedar fence and grasses

Modern black light fixture in a front yard with palm tree, rocks and agave.

Ready to Create an Inviting Yard?

This is just a portion of our yard transformation journey. Check out our other blog posts detailing each step of the process. Whether you're seeking inspiration to elevate your outdoor space or practical tips, we've got you covered.

Ready to make your dream yard a reality? Check out our landscape design services. We're here to help you create an outdoor space that's uniquely you. Let's chat and get started!


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