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Two Unique Garden Box Ideas

Garden boxes were our most requested landscape feature in 2020.

And not just the traditional kitchen garden box. Our essential need for fresh air and sunshine (and perhaps a little too much time scrolling on Pinterest) created quite the demand and forced us to get creative with our woodworking skills for our clients.

Here are two unique ideas for the beloved garden box.

No. 1: The front yard garden.

Who says garden boxes need to be hidden in a back or side yard? This queen of the cul-de-sac has 4 young children and was looking for a space where her kids could ditch the devices, play outdoors and get their hands dirty. We went with an L shaped garden box arrangement to create a seating area where mama can watch her kiddos play, chat with neighbors and maybe grab a lime to add to her Friday cocktail.

Margarita Mama project.

Kid approved!

No 2: The Topiary Courtyard Garden

No green thumb? No problem! We love a good kitchen garden, but not all garden boxes have to be filled with fruits and veggies. These clients requested a low maintenance garden, so we filled the custom built, redwood garden boxes with show stopping lavender topiaries, hardy succulents and a drought tolerant olive tree. We love how it created a unique way to greet guests in their entry courtyard.

Lavender topiaries at our Bernardo Trails project.

Height and spillers (with time, those senecio fish hooks will waterfall over the edge) are a great design combo.


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